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  This is a listing of stationary (non-rotating) vendors and their assigned locations.    
                        Find a street address using the City's online map resource
  Permit No Truck/Cart Name Location  
BAM Food ServicesBig Daddy Ray`sGreg`s Hot Dogs LLCMMM Foods LLC dba That`s My Dawg Saw`s Street Kitchen Side-CartSaw`s Street Kitchen Side-CartSteel City PopsSteel City PopsSteel City PopsTaylor Mobile Foods
Northeast corner of 7th Avenue N and Richard Arrington Jr Blvd NSouthwest corner of 19th Street N and 6th Avenue NSouthwest corner of 20th Street S and 7th Avenue SExpiredNortheast corner of 18th Street S and 6th Avenue SExpiredSouth sidewalk of 5th Avenue N, 20` east of the pedestrian crossing signal post on 20th Street N.Northeast corner of 6th Avenue S and 16th Street SNorth sidewalk of 10th Avenue S at 15th Street Pedestrian Crossing; locate cart near westbound traffic signal post.Expired